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National Hug Your Caregiver Day Initiative [05 Dec 2008|09:27pm]

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National Hug Your Caregiver Day Initiative
November 21st

Caregivers are the backbone that supports our society. They come in many shapes, sizes, and focus in many different areas. Everybody knows caregivers. They can be parents, spouses, family, friends, healthcare providers, massage therapists, chiropractors, nanny's, babysitters, pet sitters, or anybody else who has taken care of another living being.

Caregivers are also some of the most ignored and taken for granted people in our society. These people dedicate part of their lives, if not their whole lives, to caring for others. And yet, they are often touch deprived and feel under/un-appreciated.

Started in 2008, the National Hug Your Caregiver Day Initiative is trying to raise awareness about caregiver appreciation. We are helping people learn to show their appreciation for the caregivers in their lives.

Join our yahoo group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hug_your_caregiver_day/

Use this blog to share your stories about caregiving, or to share your stories about a caregiver who is special to you. 

The website is being created and will be going live by January 2009. 

"Smile! You're getting hugged!"

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Hello again [19 Dec 2006|04:52pm]

I have written before about my husband who has sclerosing cholangitis. Unfortunately, he needed a biopsy last Friday because there were some spots on his liver. Yesterday we found out the results of the test. He has liver cancer. Not exactly what anyone wants to hear.

Now we are talking to different doctors and trying to find an excellent specialist at MD Anderson in Houston.

The good thing is that my husband is not in a lot of pain and the pain he does have is manageable with medication.

We're hanging in there. We are lucky to have plenty of friends and family who support us. It's still going to be extremely challenging, but we're hoping we can beat this.

If anyone here could give us suggestions or advice about this or similar situations or good cancer specialists, that would be great!

Thank you.
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Hello! I am new to this community [23 Nov 2006|12:19am]

Hello everyone.

I began writing about my experience with chronic illness in my own journal and then discovered this community. I'm very glad to find it. As many of you know, there aren't many resources for people whose partners suffer from chronic illness.

I was only able to write out the first half of my story tonight.

My story: Part 1Collapse )

I look forward to reading and sharing these stories with other people who understand. It is very comforting.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a great one!
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Health Care Proxy [27 Feb 2005|11:15pm]

i've created a new community called healthcareproxy. i wanted a space where i could hear other folks talk about their experiences with being health care proxies and i wasn't finding anything that clicked in my searches.

a Health Care Proxy is a person who is given the right to speak on behalf of the patient. the right can be granted through a medical power of attorney

mostly, i imagine this role is for folks who are not automatically recognized (not married or bloodkin)

here's the comm bio:Collapse )
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[28 Apr 2004|04:53pm]

Hey I'm new!! Hi everyone, I'm amanda, I struggle with a lot of the same issues as most of the members of this community, I came here to find and give support, i always have an open ear to lend, so if you need more support please check out and join my community:

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[04 Mar 2004|01:19pm]

Hello everyone,

I hope that by writing here I am not breaking any rules or offending anyone. I am looking for help & support. I have lost loved ones and lost quality time with my loved ones because of their battles and losses with cancer. It is a disease that changed my life early on, and continue to changes the world as I know it through the people in my life.

On September 10-12 I have registered to walk 60km, to raise money for cancer research, along with thousands of other women in my area. Several fellow members of LJ have signed up to do this with me.

Please consider showing your support to this cause, and if you live in the Toronto area, consider getting physically involved.

I am walking for my two grandmothers, one in memory of, and the other, in celebration of her ongoing fight with this disgusting disease. I will also be walking with several people in my heart and on my mind, including those who donated to help make the event possible.

Click Here To Investigate & Make a Donation

I have put a team in for this event, for which you can also join at the above link. Our name is Blondie's Angels. I would be more than happy to keep you involved in the process of reaching my personal goal as well as the teams goal.

If you make a donation or join the team, there is also an LJ community now for sharing details & questions regarding this event. I encourage you to join blondies_angels as I have a few exciting ideas and developments to share with the group in the near future.

I thank you in advance for your patience, your support and your involvement.

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wilkommen! bienvenue! welcome! [29 Jul 2003|01:42pm]

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Have you ever felt alone? I sure did when I tried searching for an LJ community for people whose partners are dealing with chronic illnesses. I thought there would certainly be something, and I was surprised to find out that I was very wrong. (Either that or very stupid, since I exhausted all my search ideas and came up empty-handed.) My next thought was to create one. I know I could use a little support, and if there are others out there who feel the same way, then we might as well try to help each other out.

My story...Collapse )

I welcome comments and posts from anyone who wishes to contribute to this community. I would love to make this a supportive environment where we can come together to heal ourselves.

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