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Health Care Proxy

i've created a new community called healthcareproxy. i wanted a space where i could hear other folks talk about their experiences with being health care proxies and i wasn't finding anything that clicked in my searches.

a Health Care Proxy is a person who is given the right to speak on behalf of the patient. the right can be granted through a medical power of attorney

mostly, i imagine this role is for folks who are not automatically recognized (not married or bloodkin)

in January 2005, i was honored with the request to become a Health Care
Proxy for a friend who'd been recently diagnosed with HIV.

like this community to become a place for us to share information,
support and also vent when we need to. i believe it's important for
care givers to have a shoulder to cry on as well, that it can help us
be stronger for our friends. in the trans world, there's the wonderful
concept of SOFFA (Significant Others, Friends, Family and Allies). i'm
looking for the same in the poz world

i'm looking forward to
hearing how folks have gone about the legal aspects of being a HCP.
what documents have you created? what problems have you encountered,
either with the medical establishment or the family of your friend. as
well, please let us know about other communities with similar focus -
either here in livejournal or elsewhere on the web

community is intended to provide a space for all HCPs, regardless of
the particular illnesses of our friends. with that in mind, please post
with respect - for yourself and for others.
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