penfold_shush (penfold_shush) wrote in partners_of_ci,

Hello again

I have written before about my husband who has sclerosing cholangitis. Unfortunately, he needed a biopsy last Friday because there were some spots on his liver. Yesterday we found out the results of the test. He has liver cancer. Not exactly what anyone wants to hear.

Now we are talking to different doctors and trying to find an excellent specialist at MD Anderson in Houston.

The good thing is that my husband is not in a lot of pain and the pain he does have is manageable with medication.

We're hanging in there. We are lucky to have plenty of friends and family who support us. It's still going to be extremely challenging, but we're hoping we can beat this.

If anyone here could give us suggestions or advice about this or similar situations or good cancer specialists, that would be great!

Thank you.
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